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What is digital content? 50 examples to start…

What is digital content?

I’d say content is anything that can be ‘published’.

Yup, anything.

So, next time you’re creating a content plan, it might be worth thinking about each of the following examples and where they fit.

We’ll start with the more obvious ones and get a little more specific as we go along…

50 examples of digital content

  1. A tweet (in any iteration) – text only, text and link, reply, retweet etc
  2. A Twitter list – these say something about you when made public
  3. A facebook status update – text only, text and link etc
  4. A facebook like (yep, that is content and a contribution to the eco-system)
  5. A photo / image
  6. A video
  7. A blog post
  8. A collection of linksĀ 
  9. An audio file
  10. A graphic / chart
  11. A question / a series of questions
  12. An answer to a question – directly or indirectly posed
  13. Numbers / stats / facts – any form of data
  14. An interview
  15. A profile – person, company, group etc
  16. A report – on an event, decision, development
  17. A survey / poll
  18. Tips / hints / how to guides
  19. Guest material
  20. Opinions / views
  21. Lists (like this one!)
  22. Solutions to a problem
  23. A presentation i.e slideshare
  24. Resources i.e tools to help you get something done
  25. Personal experiences / insights
  26. Case studies / real life examples
  27. Reviews / ratings
  28. Tests / experiments
  29. A location update i.e. A foursquare check-in
  30. A comment, anywhere
  31. A fictional story
  32. A live chat / webinar
  33. Historical content / future predictions
  34. An advertisement
  35. Event preview
  36. A diary
  37. White papers
  38. An ebook
  39. Rankings / index
  40. Testimonials
  41. Games
  42. Widget / gadget / plug-in / Facebook application
  43. A screencast ( is a great tool for this)
  44. Bookmarks i.e. delicious
  45. Facts / trivia
  46. Biographies
  47. Screensaver / wallpaper
  48. A download
  49. A Wikipedia entry
  50. An invitation

There’s a pretty simple point to this post.

When thinking about content, you probably produce more of it than you think.

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