Toolkit Tuesday: ‘To Do’ List Tools To Put On Your ‘To Do’ List

Thanks to some inspiration from Danny Whatmough, coupled with the fact that I am the most disorganised person ever to live, I thought it made sense to make this edition of Toolkit Tuesday about productivity.

I reckon I’ve tried about 20 ‘To Do’ list tools in the past 24 months, and although none of these have helped me get significantly better organised, they might do the trick for you.

So, here’s a selection of some of the better free ones out there… 

This is one of the most easy-to-use tools you’ll ever try.

It is web-based, so you can access your list wherever you go and even has a handy iPhone app which  makes the experience mobile.

Best feature: Completed tasks can be viewed retrospectively and on the go in the event you need to access that information quickly.

Now, if you feel funny about web-based tools, a good alternative is Doomi.

Doomi sits on your desktop in a way that can be expanded or minimized without too much fuss.

Best feature: You can have this open on your desktop all day to remind you of the tasks you need to complete.


I profiled this over on the work blog last week and it looks like it could be the most complete ‘To Do’ list tool to date (that’s a mouthful!)

You can access Wunderlist from anywhere and it also allows you to share lists, making it a collaboration tool too.

Best feature: Although I haven’t used the ‘send by email’ function yet, I can see that being handy down the line.

Dave Fleet shared an excellent system for managing daily tasks using Evernote (see here) which is worth a look.

Using Evernote as a hub for your tasks has a bunch of advantages…as long as you like the user experience.

Best feature: The ability to store content in the one place.

Some of the other popular choices include:

  • Remember the Milk – which was too complicated for me
  • GQueues – a Google product that syncs with your Google portfolio
  • – one of the more ‘complete’ project manager tools available

If you’re like me and using Google Chrome more and more, there are some handy web apps and extensions worth considering too: is one option and if you like Gantt Charts, Multitask is worth a try too.

Ironically, my Moleskine seems to do a better job of all of these tools combined for me!

Are there any other tools you’d add to this list?

Have you had any bad experiences with the ones listed?

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