2011’s best social media stats and insights (so far)

Apologies up front but you won’t find much original content from me in this post.

Instead, I’ve put my curation cap on and dug up as many solid links to social media usage stats published in 2011 as I could find.

I originally had these saved in a private folder but saw no point in keeping all this good stuff to myself.

But, in order to get the most value from these links, you’ll have to pull out the relevant bits yourself.

Let’s get to it…

  1. 50 social media stats for your arsenal via PRSarahEvans.com – predominantly North American stats but some global insights included too #general
  2. Global State of Social Media in 2011 via Global Web Index – stats from the most detailed global survey into consumer internet behaviour ever conducted #general #global
  3. Facebook demographics report 2011 via Amodiovalerio Verde #Facebook
  4. LinkedIn demographics and statistics report 2011 via Amodiovalerio Verde #LinkedIn
  5. 10 important social media stats from the USA via Jeff Esposito – key stats from the key platforms #general #USA
  6. 15 interesting facts about social media usage in the UK –  a guest post I wrote over on Jeff Esposito’s blog #demographics #UK
  7. Social media facts about the 5 biggest platforms in the Netherlands via Marco Derksen #Netherlands
  8. Burson-Marsteller 2011 Global Social Media Check Up – A look at how the Fortune Global 100 are using social media #global #business
  9. Measuring the impact of Facebook via Troy Thompson  – Facts, metrics, tools and tips #Facebook
  10. The state of the Twittersphere in February 2011 by Kathryn Corrick – this is as detailed as it gets, very useful #Twitter
  11. Top 10 mobile internet trends (Feb 2011) by KPCB – some interesting stats on Tablets in here #MobileInternet
  12. The SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010 – every stat on presentations you could ever imagine #SlideShare
  13. 16 surprising social media stats by Arik Hanson – includes an interesting stat about the percentage of Facebook likes that come via ads #General
  14. Social media marketing numbers (infographic) – a look back at 2010 and were the money was spent by platform #general #investment
  15. Social media statistics (by-the-numbers) part two (Feb 2011) – some big numbers courtesy of Banking.com #general
  16. 20 key stats in Ecommerce and social media via sparxoo.com – includes some interesting stats on Groupon #ecommerce
  17. 10 interesting customer service and social media stats via Customer Think #CustServ
  18. The Godfather of social media infographics by Tech King – this has almost everything you could ever want including the top 10 global Facebook page #general #infographic
If you want to pay for some specific insights, look no further than emarketer.com who have just published a report on Western Europe Social Media Usage for the tidy sum of $695.00.

To finish things off, it is really worth checking out this free summary from Tom Pick who pulled together a great summary on the best social media stats, facts and marketing research of 2010

If you’ve stumbled across any other good ‘uns worth adding to this list please send ’em though!


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