9 Essential Gadgets for Marketing and Media Pros

I received a very generous offer to trial some kit today and it got me thinking: Which gadgets help make my professional life easier?

After conducting a search around my desk (coupled with a Google one) this is what I came back with…

iLuv Portable Speaker

What: A simple battery-powered device that can be plugged into any standard audio jack / device e.g. iPhone, Laptop etc

Why: Delivering quality sound when presenting content to a client or prospect is vital. In my case I have a great laptop but the sound isn’t very powerful, so I use my iLuv Portable Speaker as an amplifier which helps bring things to life in a much more powerful way.

Cost: £24.99

3M PocketProjector MP180

What: A lightweight and powerful projector that fits in the palm of you hand.

Why: This product sparked the idea for this post as it just screams ‘genuinely useful’. With the 3M PocketProjector MP180 the days of lugging around heavy and complicated equipment is a thing of the past and it even stores data on the device eliminating the need for additional chords and controls. Very cool.

Cost: £360.00 (approx)

BlackBerry Presenter

What:This is a nice follow up to the 3M PocketProjector. The BlackBerry Presenter “is a 3.4 inch x 2.4 inch box-shaped gadget that connects to a projector or other display and wirelessly transfers PowerPoint presentations stored on your BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth.”

Why: Helps make your Blackberry the ‘hub’ of your business, acting as a ‘content facilitator’ when out and about.

Cost: £129.00 (approx)

Sennheiser MM50iP Stereo Headset

What: A solid pair of earphones.

Why: To pump out your favourite tunes at your desk (and shut out some noise from your co-workers!)

Cost: £40.00 (approx)

Sony Webbie HD Camera

What: An alternative the popular Flip HD Camcorder, shooting high quality video on-the-go.

Why: Capture media events, press conferences, get behind-the-scenes footage all from one easy-to-use device.

Cost: £100.00 – £250.00 (approx)

Nokia 3G Booklet

What: A clever Netbook from Nokia.

Why: Lugging a big laptop around isn’t much fun so this is a great piece of hardware to use on the move. It comes with a 3G modem and long battery life.

Cost: £700.00 (approx)

Sony Digital Dictaphone – ICD – UX200

What: A digital dictaphone.

Why: Record press conferences and download direct to your computer via a built-in USB connection.

Cost: £65.00 (approx)

BlackBerry Torch 9800

What: The best business smartphone out there.

Why: The QWERTY keyboard makes emailing a breeze in addition to all the other features of this great handset from BlackBerry.

Cost: Varies


What: A wireless charging system for your electronic devices.

Why: With all this kit you are using you’ll need some help to keep them on the go!

Cost: £35.00 (approx)

Would you recommend any other gadgets out there?


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  • Reply March 23, 2011

    Andrew Bruce Smith

    Nice list. Personally, I’d also add a Livescribe Smart Pen (http://www.livescribe.com). For meetings, there is never any dispute about what was actually said or agreed – plus you have an integrated digital record of what was said with accompanying notes. A neat add on converts handwritten notes to text (not perfect, but beats manual transcription). And for interviews/case study writing, it is a real time saver – definitely one for those whose short hand skills were never any good.

  • Reply March 24, 2011

    Craig McGill

    I would say that the Kodak Zi8 is a better call for a video camera for one simple reason – it allows you to connect an external mic – a cheapie wired one or wireless Sennheiser kit. Sounds it all too often neglected in videos and it shows. Just because a video is spontaneous doesn’t mean it needs to be of poor quality in terms of audio (and if the audio is good, you can rip the MP3 off it and let people use that too.)

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