Reaching out to bloggers by @LibertyLndnGirl

A guest post by Sasha Wilkins aka LibertyLndnGirl

I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Sasha on a couple things relating to London Fashion Week over the past 12 months (it turns out we are both gadget fiends!) so I thought it would be nice to hand over to her today so she could share some real-life blogger / PR experiences with us.

Sasha is not only one of the world’s most influential fashion voices but she runs LLG Media, which encompasses LibertyLondonGirl, her award-winning blog & Twitter feed, and her social media consultancy business LLGConsults, which helps brands enhance their on-line presence and reputation.

Let’s hand things over to Sasha…

Reaching out to bloggers by @LibertyLndnGirl

You have an amazing event coming up and you want coverage from bloggers. Great idea. Here’s how not to reach out in three easy examples:

1. Don’t go for the one size fits all email blast. Identify your potential key influencers, then research their background to make sure the event is the right fit.

Real life example: I’ve been a fashion editor & journalist for over ten years, so yesterday’s email asking me to a fashion event where I can experience a real life magazine fashion cupboard and improve my creative fashion writing didn’t go down so well.

2. Don’t plan an event weeks in advance and then think, s**t, we need some on-line coverage and invite the bloggers two days in advance. Just because we work in an immediate medium doesn’t mean we can attend events immediately.

Real life example: Way too many to list. Happens every day. I am busy. Very, very busy running my business & I can very rarely attend events at less than a week’s notice.

3. Don’t blow your budget on the event and then think, fantastic, we can get shedloads of free coverage by getting a blogger to come to live blog the event for us. They’ll be super grateful for the opportunity & the access.

Real life example: I was asked to come to a department store and live blog for three hours from the event. For a pair of jeans.

There IS a difference between asking a blogger to attend, and hoping they MAY cover the event, (as you would a journalist), and asking them to write what is essentially promotional copy for your client/brand on their own time. Bloggers are a lot more sophisticated these days and can smell blog-sploitation a mile off.


Thanks again goes out to Sasha for writing this piece up for us.

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