An open letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka time to terminate the social media ownership debate)

Dear Mr Schwarzenegger

I’m sorry to bother you, but I need your help.

And, while I admire your achievements as a politician, I need you circa 1984 – yep, I need the Terminator.

Your brief is simple:

Terminate the social media ownership debate…permanently.

Firstly, let me tell you why you need to accept this mission, and then we’ll establish a preferred approach.

Why the social media ownership debate needs to be terminated

Arnie (I hope you don’t mind me calling you Arnie) this is the scoop…

For the last three years or so, a lot of noise about social media has been generated by marketing and communications professionals around the world.

One of the most popular reoccurring themes has been ‘who should own this rapidly-growing space’ – PR? Advertising? Marketing? Brand? Customer services? Digital?

Now, Arnie, the ironic thing is this: Collaboration is the backbone of social media.

But for some reason, a lot of people are still obsessed with staking an ownership claim based on the heritage of the discipline they represent (or attempting to discredit opposing disciplines).

And guess what?!? It is a nonconstructive waste of time.

I have no idea what people are trying to achieve when they present their case for ownership – no matter what anyone says, or how often it is debated, social media will never belong to a single discipline.

Not only that, but it is incredibly boring.

Actually, it has gone beyond being just boring – it is becoming the single biggest reason why the people who add the most value to this field are stepping back from the fold.

How you can help 

Arnie, if you ever decided to get involved in the marketing and communications game, and took an interest in social media, I’d implore you to:

Put your energy towards doing work that produces results which others can learn from as opposed to wasting time explaining why one discipline is better than the other.

Or, take it back to the old school and stop this nonsense in its tracks by force.

Thanks for your time.


Note: This post was published in response to this ‘rant’ from Brian Carter

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