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20 of the web’s best kept ‘content gold mine’ secrets

Whether you’re a brand or an individual, consuming and sharing unique content is the best way to maintain your online freshness.

And, although the web is a big place, locating quality content that is original is no mean feat.

A good example is anything published by Mashable.

Yes, Mashable serves up quality content on a regular basis, but due to its large readership and avid fan base, sharing Mashable content isn’t especially useful as the communities you operate in have probably read and shared the article before you have.

So, what’s the answer then?

There’s no silver bullet solution to this challenge, but there are some great online information sources that can help.

Here are 40 I refer to on a regular basis:

  1. – Of all the automated content curation options, this is one of the most robust. Using a combination of keywords and feeds, you can create subject specific channels that update as new content in published.
  2. – An easy-to-use search engine that helps you discover the best websites and alternatives on the web.
  3. YouTube Trends Dashboard – Instead of re-sharing the latest ‘viral video’ play a role in creating some momentum for a new one with this tool – it allows you to locate emerging content by location and age group which helps with your targeting too.
  4. Business Insider’s ‘Chart Of The Day’ – A very specific example that can be applied universally. Blog posts and news articles aren’t the only forms of content out there and visually-shaped content is a lot easier to consume.
  5. – This can and probably should be the hub for your content curation activity. NetVibes helps you create your own personal dashboard based on feeds from your favourite sources and helps you keep an eye on everything from your niche from the one place.
  6. – The biggest goldmine of them all? Browse through the links your friends recommend and re-share in all the right places. And, make the most of the ‘tag’ function.
  7. +1’s / Likes / Favourites – I’m not sure if this is consistent with everyone else, but I use Google +1’s, Facebook Likes and Twitter Favourites as ‘go back and read this later’ tools – if you can spend 15 minutes a week reviewing these links you are likely to stumble across some content gold that you never thought you had.
  8. – The most traditional news aggregator site profiled so far, lays out popular content from around the web in a gallery style interface and includes user-suggested picks.
  9. TweetDeck columns – No matter your Twitter dashboard of preference, setting up keyword columns relating you your niche is a great way to find new content and sources. For example, follow industry-specific hashtags or accounts via a list.
  10. Google Chronological Search – When conducting searches for content specific to your niche, use Google’s search filters to review content published in the past 24 hours in date order. This tends to uncover some gems no-one else has spotted yet.
  11. – Still the web’s best ‘magazine rack for blogs’. Alltop’s biggest strength is that it makes it easy for you to search for posts by niche subject / topic area.
  12. – The top blogs section of Wikio gives you another gateway to the freshest blog content by subject area.
  13. Extension Factory – This is awesome. Extension Factory converts any RSS feed into a cross-browser add-ons. If you have some sites that you turn to more often than not, this is an easy way to check-in on your favourite content creators.
  14. Networks – When people talk about niche online communities this dedicated section of is how you’d expect to see them laid out. Browse though each of the communities listed and assess whether they are ones you should be participating in and gleaning content from.
  15. Niche Social News Sites – Depending on the subject matter you’re interested in, there are a plethora of very subject-specific social news portals dotted around the web. Here’s a list of 45 of them which are worth adding to your source list. 
  16. Bookmarking sites – Don’t ignore the potential discoveries of gold that lie within Digg, Delicious and  Reddit. For example, if you are looking for links in relation to the topic of ‘golf’, check out this Reddit community.
  17. Hub Pages (Topics) – Hub Pages is an opt-in community where people submit content in exchange for readers which is then categorised by sub-topics making it a great place to browse for content.
  18. ebiz / MBA – This site regularly features the worlds top sites as divided into sub-categories e.g. The world’s most popular sports sites for August 2011
  19. WordPress Tag Search – Catch the latest blog posts by users of the WordPress platform by referring to this site on a regular basis.
  20. Klout Topics Pages – This is due to be released soon and will list key influencers by subject area which will be another great place to mine for content.

I hope you find this useful!


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