YouTube – The good, the bad and the ugly (presentation / video)

Last year, I wrote a post called ’40 useful things to share in Twitter besides blog posts’ to remind myself that there is so much more you can do on Twitter that adds value.

I’ve been thinking about doing a Facebook version for a while now and thought now was as good a time as any.

These suggestions are made with a brand / organisation hat on but can easily be adapted to personal accounts too.

This is also a nice checklist to refer to if you are struggling with achieving the self-promotion versus value-adding presence balance your communities crave from you.

So, here are my first 20 suggestions (the other 20 will follow later in the week):

Ideas for useful Facebook status updates (part one)

  1. Share a ‘how to’ video from YouTube about your niche (YouTube even has dedicated section on ‘how to and style’
  2. Suggest other niche media of interest to your community e.g. A golf-related page would benefit from being told when the local telecast time of the next major tournament in that timezone
  3. Highlight special offers and competition of interest to your community – often times, another Facebook page will be staging a competition with some great prizes on offer relevant to your niche…no harm in re-sharing that link
  4. Stage a live Q&A on your wall with a industry expert – giving people access to knowledge is always received well
  5. Create and stage polls that add value to the page – polls are being used more and more by brands on Facebook pages but the incentive for participation is often overlooked. Before you post a poll ask why your community would a) take part and b) share it to encourage increased participation
  6. Aggregate fan posts – if you keep your wall ‘open’ you might want to republish comments / content shared by your community – this will not only make the publisher feel special but encourage more engagement too
  7. Tell your community about other Facebook pages they might want to follow from their niche – this is a classic example of non-narcissistic sharing that adds value
  8. Recommend ways for your community to get more out of their day e.g. a tech brand might suggest you give a tool like DropBox a try to manage your online files
  9. Another tech-related post could involve sharing tips and insights on a new piece of software that has just been released e.g Android updates or IOS updates
  10. Highlight relevant research – sometime, a research report will be released which may contain a couple of great nuggets of information for your community – identify them and share them – this is a great example of adding value by making the facilitation of content easier
  11. Signpost important business information – sometimes you can promote your business with directly promoting a product e.g. Updating your community on store opening times over the Christmas period
  12. Partner collaboration – this is an often overlooked way of curating valuable content. Businesses partner with other businesses or groups so regularly share content plans with each other and identify opportunities to cross-post  
  13. App Mapping – as Facebook continue to encourage app development, locate some handy / relevant ones and share them with your community (they’ll love you for it)
  14. Facebook news – one thing every brand has in common with its Facebook community is Facebook. So, if Facebook updates its pages or changes the way the user experiences the platform, share this development with your community.
  15. Seasonal / calender driven updates – another piece of common ground every brand and organisation shares with its community is time-sensitive events. If the weather is changing, there’s probably an opportunity to give advice / add value in there somewhere 
  16. Event reminders – you may have your own events or other events relevant to your nice on the horizon so reminding people that something is coming up always goes down well.
  17. Suggest things to do – you’ll often seen Facebook page admins ask people what they have planned for the weekend. Take this a step further by suggestion some things that are on that might be of interest.
  18. Game reviews – you might argue about the ‘usefulness’ of games, but if you are passionate about your niche, being told about a new mobile game you can play on the way to work won’t be sneezed at by your community.
  19. Photos are a big part of Facebook so consider sharing links to relevant albums from your community or link through to a relevant Flickr or PicasaWeb account.
  20. Ask and answer questions that fulfill a need – asking questions for the sake of asking questions is pointless, so really analyse what your community is curious about and tailor questions based on that insight.
What else would you add to this list?


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