40 useful things to share on Facebook (part two)

Today I’m handing my blog over to my work colleague Antonia Harler who is going to serve up part two of a series looking at the different types of content you can share on Facebook. Anyway, enough from me…

A guest post by Antonia Harler.

Last week, Adam pulled together a really usefullist of things to share on Facebook and I’m here today to give you another 20 things that will make your Facebook page more fun, informative and engaging.

  1. Caption contests – Find a funny/odd/weird picture that represents your industry and look for the next caption queen/king. People love to show off their creativity and by crowning a weekly caption queen or king you’ll get your community’s creative juices flowing.
  2. Let your audience peek behind the curtain – Facebook pages are all about showing your company’s personality. Share staff pictures or a funny update. Don’t worry, there’s no harm in making your community laugh.
  3. Music – It doesn’t represent your business or product but everyone loves music. Facebook recently partnered up with Spotify, so why not create a playlist for your audience and share it on your wall? Additionally, you could ask your audience to submit their suggestions.
  4. Encourage opinions and/or questions – Are you trying to find new content for your social channels? A great way to do exactly that is to encourage your audience to ask questions or leave their opinion. In return, you can pick one and create a short video clip or blog post to share on Facebook.
  5. Quotes – This is a bit random but there’s a quote for everything and everyone. Find and post them. Whether they are motivational or representative of a certain situation, you are guaranteed some likes as it’s something people can relate to.
  6. Did you figure out a simple solution to a problem? Share it with your community. People are always interested in things that make their lives easier. It’s a winner, trust me.
  7. Found an interesting presentation on the web? Link to it and discuss it with your audience. Ask for their input and opinions.
  8. Industry related news and blog posts – This is one of the most obvious things you can do and yet, it’s often missed. There’s no harm in flagging someone else’s content. Your audience will thank you as they may discover new information, a new website or blog.
  9. Remember, congratulate, acknowledge – The world is an ever-changing place. Positive and negative events happen every day. If an event has a particular impact on you and your business or even if it doesn’t but you are simply touched, post an update. It will show your human side.
  10. Interesting facts – Updates along the lines of ‘Did you know…?’ are a great way to encourage discussion.
  11. Fill in the gap posts – e.g. In 2012 I’d like to __________. Let your community share their plans, thoughts, comments and ideas with you.
  12. Fan of the week posts – Do you have an especially engaged fan on your page? Why not acknowledge them by dedicating a post to them at the end of the week?
  13. Riddles & Brainteasers – Who said riddles are for kids only? Us adults love to have a good guess. Brighten up your community’s day by posting a fun riddle once in a while. Engagement guaranteed.
  14. Want to grow your Facebook community? Ask your audience for help! It’s easy to share a page with the people you know. Encourage them to do so every now and again.
  15. Welcome new staff members or say goodbye to people leaving – By posting updates about new staff members or people that are leaving your company, you let your audience peek behind the curtain. It also shows your appreciation for new and old team members.
  16. Dedicate a day, week or month – Are you passionate about a cause, another company, a product or a person? Dedicate a day, week or month to help them. Post updates that promote their product, their ideas or their cause.
  17. Notes – Notes are a great way of sharing information that’s too long for a Facebook update. It may be a mini blog post or something as simple as background information on a product, service or event.
  18. Link to a Twitter hashtag– Are you having an interesting discussion on Twitter and would like your Facebook community to join in? Link to it from your Facebook wall. Make your community aware that you are also on Twitter.
  19. Do you sell a product? Encourage your community to post pictures with the product, them using the product, creative ways of using the product.. Find one you like and feature it on the page or combine them all in a photo album.
  20. Over to you… 

Here you have it, another 20 things to share on your Facebook page. (Yeah, I know, 19 if we are being precise and all..) What would you add?
Antonia Harler is a social media consultant in London where she helps create and deliver social media programmes for a wide variety of brands. She’s also a blogger, lover of all things different and hater of bananas. Connect with antonia on her blog www.socialglitz.com, Twitter http://twitter.com/antoniaharleror LinkedIN http://www.linkedin.com/in/antoniaharler

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