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The top 50 new social media tools of 2011 – ‘Nominations’ Edition

In January 2011, I launched a weekly post called Platform Five over on the Paratus Communications blog.

The aim was to keep an eye out for new social media tools and platforms and highlight a handful each week.

The concept has proven to be really popular and is syndicated on and

Going into the last month of 2011, I thought’d I’d feature 50 of the more useful tools, before narrowing them down to the top 20.

So, here is the ‘nominations’ edition and then keep your eyes peeled for the top 20 which will be revealed over the next few weeks over at

The top 50 social media tools of the year

Content curation / management tools

1. – content sharing on steroids.
2. – personalised content discovery engine.
3. – helps you share the most relevant stuff in your stream(s).
4. – save and organise your online life.
5. – another tool to help you identify relevant content from your stream(s).
6. – allows you to find and share content without crossing the ‘over-share’ line.

Social media analytics / measurement

7. – the industry’s most robust social media performance system / process.
8. PeopleBrowsr / Kred – 1000 days of Twitter data for you to enjoy.
9. – the best Facebook page performance tool going around.
10. – find out how many Google+ circles you’re in.
11. – aggregates all of your social media performance data.
12. – as the name suggests, a simple way to measure your social media performance.
13. – a great option for social CRM.
14. – social media statistic heaven.

Content exchange tools / platforms

15. – a place where brands and journalists meet.
16. – content distribution and engagement software.
17. – content exchange portal and online newsroom solution.
18. – helps create new ways to feature your online content.
19. – an opt-in news gathering service for journalists.
20. – your own Q&A community.
21. – create your own social widgets for your site / blog.

Bookmarking and organisational tools

22. – online and offline bookmarking system.
23. – content discovery dashboard.
24. Wunderlist – task management with a social twist.
25. – in-domain note taking and sharing.
26. – helps you create your own apps for your desktop.
27. – scans links from the ones shared by your friends on Twitter and highlights the most popular ones.

Twitter-specific tools

28. – bringing instant messaging to Twittering.
29. – at-a-glance Twitter profile insights. – fan pages for your tweets.

Facebook-specific tools

31. – one of the best ways to search for Facebook groups, events and photos.

Search / SEO / domain tools

32. – Google analytics on steroids.
33. – personalised search engine results from your friends.
34. – domain name brainstorming tool.
35. – domain name checker and inspiration provider.
36. – twitter and Facebook searching at your fingertips.

User experience / website analysis tools

37. – enables users to feedback on your site design / functionality.
38. – discover who owns any site on the web.
39. – an easy way to track the performance of competitor websites.
40. – create your own WordPress themes / templates.

Online video tools

41. – mobile video streaming.
42. – bringing video content and bloggers together.
43. – 15 second video status updates.

Online photo tools

44. – linking bloggers, consumers and online merchants together by tagging photos.

Contact management tools / dashboards

45. – powerful social media engagement dashboard.
46. – manage your Twitter and Facebook communities with ease.

Influencer identification tools

47. – influencer exchange insights.
48. – a dashboard for blogger outreach.
49. – ranks individual users by social media performance/
50. – blogger outreach intelligence.

Remember, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the top 20 of the year during December!

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  • Elizabeth Lewis

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  • phill23

    This is all really interesting.  My company really needs a presence on the internet and a lot of this has helped.  We feel like at times with twitter and such we never get a following or anything! I'm going to take a look at Magic Buz's website and see if they are a right fit for us.  ANd more importantly that the price is right!   We could probably use their expertise. 

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