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How to create a Facebook ‘career highlights’ timeline

Does Facebook’s new timeline feature work as a resume?

In theory it seems like it should, especially due to the increasingly popular chronological scrolling format.
After googling ‘Facebook timeline as a resume’ I discovered a couple of real-life examples and some decent how to posts.
But, I still wasn’t convinced so I thought I’d create one using my own work history as the fuel.

And then, in time, look at some other creative alternatives out there to see which might be the most appropriate route if I was job hunting (which I’m not, just to clarify!)

Anyway, here’s a little recap of my career timeline creation experience to help you decide…

You can check out my Facebook career timeline page here.

Content aside, do you think the timeline format works?

Would your opinion change if I told you how long it took me to put the page together?

If you weren’t especially Facebook-savvy, would you find this method of presentation helpful or confusing?

Questions, questions, questions!

Tips and hints

If you do decide to create a Facebook career timeline, here are a few things I discovered when attempting to complete mine:

  • Make sure you have a bunch of landscape style images on hand to illustrate your career history (750 x 300 pixels is a decent size)
  • Think beyond your typical CV / resume – the format allows back-dating so any articles, links or videos that help tell your career story are incredibly useful
  • Use a combination of status updates and milestone updates – status updates can be back-dated too so use this option to break things up a bit
  • Leave yourself a lot of time – there was (and probably still is) a lot of trial and error involved in creating my page so don’t expect to knock it off in a hurry
  • Keep your career highlights in a accessible place – I did a bit of back searching to locate some of the content for my page but it would have been a lot easier if I had kept some of these bits and pieces in the cloud somewhere

So, whaddya think?

Does this work?

Is a more classic resume a better option?

Are there any other tools out there that you’d recommend?

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