10 beautiful ways of enjoying Instagram on the web

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Instagram has had a huge month or so.

First, it released its much anticipated Android app to rave reviews.

Then, it announced its partnership with Facebook.

And just this week, Instagram passed the 50 million user mark.

En fuego no?

Even though it is a mobile-based platform, there are occasions when you want to access Instagram content in different ways, especially via your PC / laptop.

Here are ten great ways to get your Instagram fix when your mobile is out of reach.

The slickest of the slick

The three options that follow are perfect if you’d like to experience your own Instagram account on the web, complete with vanity URLs and follow functionality.

1. Extrag.am – One of the prettiest Instagram web apps out there, and its ‘discovery’ function helps you find new users to follow by tag / sector.

2. Intstagre.at – This one also features some great horizontal scrolling functionality helping to make your photos pop!

3. Pinstagram.co – Fancy a little ‘Pinterest in your Instagram’? This one has been generating big buzz as it combines arguably thw two hottest platforms going ’round right now.

Blending business with pleasure

4. Followgram.me – How do you make Instagram work for brands like a Facebook brand page? You go get a Followgram pro account which gives you the best of both worlds. Seriously awesome!

For some great examples of brand pages, visit followgram.me/ikeaitalia and followgram.me/fiatontheweb

Bells and whistles

5. Gramfeed.com – Gramfeed places an emphasis on location (imagine a Foursquare and Instagram mash-up) and has subsequently developed a cool phone app called instalookapp.com which helps you connect with fellow Instagram users by GPS.

6. Hashtagram.com –  A rolling slideshow-style site with some powerful search functionality.

Feeding the masses

7. web.stagram.com – One of the better feed-style options out there, webstgram’s focus on increasing your viewing pleasure.

8. Ink361.com – Very similar to Extragr.am and features a handy ‘albums’ function.

9. Webbygram.com – This was set up to give the founders of Instagram a kick in the pants to set up an official web presence – after getting their hands on Faceook’s investment perhaps this is on their list…alongside boarding private jets and chartering huge yachts.

10. Instagrid.me – Your personal profile / image feed displayed in a list format.

Keep on snappin’ y’all!

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