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YouTube Breaking Campaigns: The Weekly Wrap (29/06/12)

A couple weeks back I launched a new featured called YouTube Breaking Campaigns aka #ytbc. The premise was pretty simple Рkeep an eye out for new online video campaigns from brands and organisations, save them as I find them on the YouTube Breaking Campaigns tumblr page and then highlight the most interesting ones each Friday here on the blog.

And, the focus isn’t necessarily on videos with the most views (although that is a factor), but more importantly it’s about getting a better understanding of the different styles of campaigns that are launched each week.

So, let’s unwrap the first ever weekly wrap post and see what goodies we have in store…

1. The Toyota Grad Rebate Video Contest

What better way to promote a $1,000 rebate on a new car purchase for college graduates than to get the target market to tell the story for you. Toyota wanted to spread the word of this offer so they ran a contest asking for a one minute video explaining the offer and the results were great, especially from eventual winner Samuel, That’s, erm, a Rap!

2. Google: The Chrome Story

Brands and organisations are always looking for more interesting ways to tell their stories, especially the old ‘look how quickly we’ve grown’ variety. Google Chrome, now with 310 million users, has chosen video to tell us their ‘growth’ story and it works pretty well too.

3. adidas: Super Slo Mo at Euro 2012

A new take on an old favourite. Fans have always been a great source of content but I’ve never seen a sponsor capture their reactions and create a mini-movie (in slow motion) before so this effort from adidas as part of its Euro 2012 activity is definitely worth a look.

4. BMW: “Bullet” High Performance Art

Coming in at number four this week is an incredibly stylish mini-film from BMW which again uses super slow motion techniques to get its point across. Lovely stuff.

5. Mercedes-Benz: David Coulthard 178mph golf ball catch in a SLS

We finish this week’s wrap with a ‘traditional’ YouTube campaign, the celebrity-fronted stunt. These tend to generate traction when executed well so it is no surprise that it has been one of the most shared branded videos of the past week.

Not bad for week one eh?

Submit your campaigns: If you have a campaign you’d like to have featured in this weekly wrap, simply email it to me or tag it with #ytbc on Twitter.

And, check out the bank of videos as they get posted at

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