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Ted (The Movie) = A (Modern) Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Ted (the movie) is the first full length motion picture from Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane. If you’re not familiar with the plot, just imagine your worst behaved best friend has been turned into a real life teddy bear and is intent on ruining your relationship. Yep, this one has¬†Oscar written all over it.

If Ted doesn’t win an Oscar, it may pick up a gong or two for its incredibly clever social media marketing approach. On first look, it may seem overly simplistic, but then again, the simple stuff is usually the most brilliant.
Warning: This post contains some colourful language!

Listen, plan, engage

All solid social media marketing campaigns are built on understanding how people behave. This is often referred to as the ‘listening’ phase. Whoever is pulling the strings behind the social media activity clearly pays attention to how people behave on Facebook. Let me explain…

How many times have you seen images like these pop up in your Facebook feed? And how many times have you given the a ‘like’? It’s ok, you can admit it, because they epitomise the increasingly powerful image-powered web.

The team behind Ted have obviously taken notice of this trend and used it to their advantage.

Clever eh? Taking popular internet memes and re-shaping them for commercial purposes is nothing new, but this particular tactic displays a real understanding of the types of content people respond to, especially on Facebook.

It’s not just the ‘ted-e-cards’ that are generating interaction and sharing from Facebook. Here’s another familiar (and ubiquitous) example of contemporary online content.

Can traditional brands adopt this approach?

While it may be difficult for traditional brands to adopt the tone and language on display here, there’s no reason why trends and memes can’t be utilised in similar ways.

The idea of a generic font being plastered over a generic image, with a low brow caption would probably infuriate art directors all over the globe, but this content (when executed well) generates interaction.

It may not look pretty, but the results look pretty enough!

Check out Ted on Facebook, Twitter and Ted’s Blog.

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