The 10 most useful new social media tools of 2012 (so far)

Regular visitors to this blog will know I’m a little partial to round-up posts about the latest and greatest social media tools. I get a lot out of compiling these posts as it helps me stay on top of the best ways to to do my day job and hopefully they come in handy for you too.

This particular edition features a bunch of new social media tools you may not have heard of, as well as a couple that have been getting a bit of attention on the big blogs and review sites.

While I’d be happy to dilly dally a little longer, I’ll refrain and open these goodies up…

1. Mention – Monitor social mentions with ease

Social media listening / monitoring tools always seems to be unnecessarily complicated but  Mention is the exact opposite. It includes an ‘anti-noise’ technology to remove duplicate mentions from bots too.

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2. RebelMouse – Aggregate your social feeds in one place

This can be described as your ‘social front page’, pulling together all the stuff you’re sharing in a well-organised and easy-on-the-eye layout. As far as personal hubs go, this is one of the best.

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3. SharedCount – Track your tweets, likes, +1’s, Pins and more

Often times when you are tracking online campaigns you’ll be asked to provide a summary of how many times a link has been shared. If you own or have access to the back end of a site, this is pretty simple to do, but if you want to track a link that you don’t own, it isn’y as easy. Say hello to the solution,

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4. SocialNumbers – Access Facebook page stats by country in real-time

SocialBakers has established itself as one of the best places to access page / profile stats but SocialNumbers is worth having in your toolkit too. The most useful element of social numbers is the People Talking About breakdowns which give you a good idea of who is generating buzz versus community size.

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5. TreeVisualisation – A data visualisation tool

Drilling down data to get an idea of what it means can be a painful process. This tool makes it less painful by visualising it in a variety of formats.

Tags: #Data #Visualisation

6. Fruji – Professional Twitter analytics

As with most social media tools, this adopts the freemium /premium model. You can test out its capabilities on your personal account and then upgrade to the business package to get deeper analytics.

Tags: #Twitter #Analytics

7. Wavii – Follow news that really interests you

This is quickly becoming the first page I open when I turn my laptop on in the morning. Wavii crawl the web to find news about specific topics and then features them in a stream. It’s like Twitter but without the personal interaction. If you have to follow particular brands and organisations as part of your day job, you’ll find this incredibly handy.

Tags: #News #Aggregator #Brands

8. WebsitesLike – Find similar websites by URL and keyword(s)

There are a number of sites out there like WebsitesLike but not many serve up results based on keywords. This also displays results in an easy-to-digest manner.

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9. SkyLines – Search for photos in real-time

The image-powered web continues to influence what brands are doing online and real-time image publishing is at the heart of that trend. SkyLines is the best at streaming images from various sources as they are uploaded from all corners of the globe.

Tags: #Images #Search

10. Nod3x – Real-time conversation visualisation and intervention

This is probably the most exciting tool that has surfaced in 2012. Nod3x tracks social media conversations and allows you to search and monitor them by keyword but that isn’t the special bit. What makes this great is the way the data is visualised, clearly demonstrating which users are driving online conversations and who is most instrumental in amplifying that content.

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