10 signs you work in PR – the Australian edition

Last year, I wrote a blog post called 10 signs you work in PR – the london edition.

It came off the back of a number of similar posts, including this ripper on PRDaily.com by Lauren Fernandez.

Since then, I’ve moved back to Australia, and as a result I feel compelled to do a ‘fair dinkum’ localised version.

So, grab a glass of your favourite plonk (wine), chuck a snag (sausage) on the Barbie (BBQ) and take a squizz (look) at how the humble Public Relations consultant operates down under.

1. You’ve staged at least one media call on the steps of the Sydney Opera House – we can probably extend this to having Sydney Harbour Bridge as the backdrop too, because nothing says ‘we’re in Australia’ more than a photo with those two landmarks in full view. Bonza (great)!

2. You’ve pitched a photo idea at the Herald Sun which involves a dog or a cat (or both) doing something ‘amazing’ – there is only one other way of guaranteeing your spot in the Herald Sun, and that involves paying for advertising space. Bloody oath (that’s the truth)!

3. Your response to brief (any brief) includes at least one ‘weather cross’ idea – we love our weather men and women out here and a big reason is because the weather is usually so good they often conduct their segments on location. Australia’s smart PR operators realised a few years back that if you have an event going on you can invite your local weather warrior to that location for a name check or two. Choice (excellent)! Oops, ‘choice’ is a Kiwi saying. (Note to self: Stay on brief)

4. You’ve had the Qantas v. Virgin debate – Australia is a big country so flying around it is often a big part of a PR’s job. The nation’s two biggest airlines couldn’t be more different if they tried so announcing your alignment to one or the other is a PR non-negotiable. It may also be the origin of the ‘first world problems’ meme (sorry Snooki).  Too right (definitely)!

5. You’re best mates with someone at ‘Confidential’ – Confidential is a column that is run in the majority of Australia’s biggest newspapers and serves up celebrity gossip and the like. Based on the number of times the names of the columnists are dropped in conversations around the country by PR folk, these guys have about 5,000 best friends (that they’re not aware of). Pig’s arse, Adam (I don’t agree with you, Adam)!

6. You’ve tried to pass off Warwick Capper as a media-worthy celebrity – Warwick Capper was an Aussie Rules footballer known for wearing EXTREMELY tight shorts. In recent years, his stocks have dipped a bit but I’m pretty sure his appearance at an event has been used as a ‘media carrot’ or two. Dill (Warwick Capper).

7. Your AFL / NRL allegiance is determined by who your client barracks for – AFL (Aussie Rules) and NRL (Rugby League) fans are an incredibly passionate bunch. But, amazingly, if an important client supports one team, the PR person in the room will immediately pipe up with ‘I was at the last Grand Final they won’ even if that may have taken place 20 years before they were born. Galah (silly person).

8. You’ve been invited to THE marquee at the races – Horse racing is hugely popular in Australia but in recent years it has become a place to show off your social capital too. Brands ‘host’ special guests at the races in marquees that are notoriously hard to get an event for but Australia’s PR fraternity always seem to make the cut. Gobsmacked (astounded)!

9. You’ve realised that PR version of the six degrees of separation is actually 1.5 degrees – while Australia is a big country on a geographical scale, its PR community is as tiny as the paws of a cuddly Koala bear. Hello cobber (friend)!

10. You think Kyle Sandilands (Australian radio host) is a complete and utter dipstick (loser) – this not only applies to the PR fraternity, but pretty much anyone in the country with a radio connection. Bogan (takes little pride in his appearance).

If you’re an Aussie PR pro, a member of the extended marketing and comms community, or just someone who has dealt with PR folk in the great southern land, feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.

Good onya!

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