10 Useful Social Media and Content Marketing Infographics from 2013

Infographics based on legitimate research and insights can be a form of digital gold dust.

A couple great examples have surfaced recently and it prompted me to pull together 10 of the best social media and content marketing infographics I’ve seen in 2013.

The charts featured below include the most effective SEO techniques shaping search rankings in 2013, an analysis of time spent on social media sites by device type, the top benefits of social media marketing and many more.

If you’re been looking for some killer statistics to include in your next presentation, then I reckon you’ll enjoy what follows.

1. Social Sharing Beats Most Other Forms of SEO

For a long time, the impact of social signals on search rankings were unknown. In the last couple of years, a lot more evidence has been shared including 2013 Searchmetrics SEO Ranking Factors Report which features this terrific chart.

2. Share of time spent on social media by device

It’s no secret that we’re increasingly accessing social media sites from our mobile devices. There are numerous reasons why this shift is interesting, including the importance of developing content strategies which suit the format and associated consumer behaviour. More commentary around these results can be accessed via BI Intelligence.

3. Traditional Promotion vs. Content Marketing

The left is the old and the right is the new and it turns what is usually a one-hour conversation into an instantaneous ‘aha’ moment.

4. Social media popularity by business sector

This is an interesting insight into the companies / products that appeal most to people when it comes to social media. While the results are primarily what you’d expect, it is a great reference chart to have on file.

5. The online services we trust the most

This chart clearly displays the trust we collectively still place in traditional media outlets and the reservations we have about the newer forms that have descended upon our lives in the last five years or so. YouTube, thanks to its ability to serve up moving imagery, is the one most likely to challenge news sites in the long run.

6. The major challenges facing content marketers in Australia

The Content Marketing Institute and ADMA published a report in early-2013 called Content Marketing in Australia: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. The entire report is packed full of useful stuff but this chart was the one that stood out to me the most, highlighting ‘content production’ as the biggest challenge faced by Australian content marketers.

This infographic does what it says on the tin and it’ll be one you’ll refer to again and again. It predominantly features stats on how important marketers consider content marketing and the business impacts it is having.
You can view the full version of this infographic here.

8. The top benefits of social media marketing (2013 edition)

Next time someone asks you what businesses can gain by social media participation, consult this chart.

Only the first part of the chart is featured below but you can access the extended infographic here.

9. The most popular ways B2B marketers distribute content

This information in this chart probably doesn’t serve up any major shocks but it does illustrate that more consumer-shaped platforms like Facebook are well and truly part of the B2B mix.

10.  The state of social sharing in 2013

While you could access most of this information yourself (if you searched hard enough!) it is terrific to have all of it in the one infographic.

Again, only an excerpt is featured below but you can access the entire infographic featuring stats on all the major social networks here.

Have you spotted any killer social media and content marketing charts in 2013?

If so, copy and paste the link into the comments section.

Credits: All original infographic sources have been linked to throughout the post. 

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