Exclusive Report: Facebook Organic Reach Has Not Decreased For All Brands

Facebook study organic reach 2014

39% of Facebook pages saw an increase in Organic Reach in December 2013

The changes made to Facebook’s news feed algorithm have been the subject of much debate and despair in recent weeks.

However, a new study from Locowise, an industry-leading Social Media Analytics Tool, suggests it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Using a sample of one thousand fan pages, they found that both total reach (excluding paid) and organic reach increased by 6% in December when compared to November. 53% of those showing increases in organic reach were also participating in paid programs. Viral reach however, was down by 3%.

The use of paid reach increased in December with 25% more of the pages choosing to boost posts, meaning paid played a part in 41% of all pages analysed.

Here are some other interesting findings from the Locowise study:

  • In the analysis of reach by post type, Links were the strong performers posting gains of 22%, whilst photos and status updates were down 8% and 7% respectively. The use of video increased in December by 70%, though it is still only used by 12% of the sample as a post type.
  • Photos as a post type were used by 93% of the pages, a 2% decline on November. Status and link use increased with status up 10% and link use up 67%month to month. Links are still used more often than status though, with 80% using them compared to 67% in the case of status.
  • Quantity of posts in December went up with a 5% increase over activity in November. Average daily activity increased slightly from 1.29 posts per day to 1.32.64% of all posts were photos22% were links and 13% status. with video and other making up the difference. The quantity of status updates posted in December increased 12% whilst photos and videos posted in December increased 10%. Link posts declined 9% in December.
  • Finally an analysis of fan base growth across the sample revealed that the average growth in December was 9%Average Gain to Loss (GtL) where fan gain is divided by fan loss to take into account both factors was 13:1, therefore 13 fans were gained for each one lost in December. This compared favourably to Novemberwhen it was 11:1.

What does it all mean?

Essentially, it means Facebook is still organically rewarding consistent fan page activity (in some cases).

This suggests that existing content strategies, when properly developed and executed, can still have cut through.

However, allocating some budget to Facebook’s paid options will continue to play an increasingly important role.

If you’d like to find out more about the Locowise solution, read my post about how it works or visit Locowise.com.

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