Day One: Tracking My Media Consumption Diet (#MyMediaDiary)


How would a media agency profile me?

I haven’t done a lot of blogging lately. I’ve been in a bit of a learning rut and, as a result, haven’t had a truck load of post ideas that I thought were genuinely interesting.

But, thanks to some classic mismanagement by me, I think I stumbled across something that could be a bit of fun and interesting at the same time.

So, here’s what happened and what I’m going to do with it over the next seven days.

The back story

This morning, for the first time in my life, I was early for a flight. I was SO early that I couldn’t check in because my flight was more than three hours away (let’s call it what it was, I misread my itinerary, I wasn’t early by design).

It meant I had a few hours to kill, so I hopped in a cab and got a lift to the closest place that would do a good breakfast (it just happened to be by the beach in Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast).

The cabbie dropped me off and I darted straight for a park bench in the sun. This wasn’t free time, this was found time. It was awesome.

I reached for my phone and started listening to a podcast from ESPN. It featured a journalist interviewing a sports coach. About halfway through the interview, the coach told this story about a book he’d read that changed the way he coached his team. I run a business, and am responsible for leading my team, so the subject matter resounded with me. The book sounded great so I hopped onto Google, searched for it and bought it while the podcast was still going. I’d never made a purchase mid-podcast before. That act, by itself, isn’t very remarkable, but it made me ask myself about other media ‘moments’ that have immediately triggered a purchase for me in the (recent) past.

I really struggled to some up with something. I then started to evaluate the type(s) of media I consume and whether or not that was a contributing factor.

The upshot? I think it is.

I consume media constantly but I’m not a very prolific mainstream media consumer. I don’t watch commercial TV (unless a major sporting event is on). I don’t listen to commercial radio (unless I’m in someone else’s car). I don’t buy newspapers. I am exposed to outdoor advertising (I’d be hard pressed to recall anything from the last 24 hours). I’m online constantly in a variety of places. Facebook is probably my initial source of news gathering, followed by Twitter and a few selected apps on my phone. My long form content consumption is shaped by on demand options (Google Play and Netflix) and some pay / cable TV (but again, mainly sport).

Instead of continuing that summary, I want to get specific. I want to really track things. So, for the next seven days I’m going to keep a media consumption diary. Then, at the end, I might be able to draw some conclusions.

A sample size of one won’t be able to be extrapolated in any meaningful manner, but it can’t hurt either…

Day one: #MyMediaDiary

Primarily a travel day (cab, airport, cab, home).

Sunday AM

  • 3 x ESPN podcasts
  • A brief Google search session on my mobile
  • A scroll through some mobile apps (Bleacher Report, Facebook, Twitter)

Sunday PM

  • 2 X The Internet of Things Podcast (and based on the way the hosts of the podcasts were talking about Amazon Echo and the smart home revolution, my media consumption habits almost felt prehistoric)
  • Two on demand TV episodes (Suits) via Google Chromecast
  • An intermittent group conversation on Viber (mobile)
  • YouTube (various clips watch via Google Chromecast)
  • AM Radio (10 mins of listening to the football during a quick trip to grab some food)
  • YouTube (various clips while typing this up)
  • Any Given Sunday (movie purchased on Google Play, watched via Google Chromecast)


  • I’m really not sure how normal / abnormal that diet is
  • The majority of the activity took place via my mobile device
  • I’m based in Australia and the only local content I consumed was the 10 mins of AM radio in the car (and I normally play content via my mobile in the car but it was such a short trip)
  • I vaguely remember one pre-roll ad prior to a YouTube clip
  • I made that book purchase (once I heard it on the podcast, I used my Google search app and made my purchase via the sponsored link at the top of the results)
  • I ordered Fish and Chips for dinner and that purchase was influenced by location / convenience (but I did search a shop option via my Google search app)

I really have no idea if this is / will be as interesting as it felt when I first had the idea 10 hours ago.

I’ll reiterate, my single sample doesn’t mean anything in isolation.

But, maybe it’ll unlock some other thoughts for me which would be good, and hopefully it will do the same for for you (which would be even better).

More to follow.

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    Interesting concept Adam. What springs to mind is innovation, and how it can almost always be stimulated by first mapping out current process. I look forward to the results!

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