Timeline: Digital innovation milestones of the 21st century


The ‘D’ word…

This is going to be short and sweet (but hopefully useful and helpful).

I’m in the midst of creating a presentation that outlines the pieces and roles of the digital pie as they relate to the modern marketing and communications agency environment. Below is the a very basic summary of the digital pie:



The darker yellow pieces are usually the focus areas in agency land.

In order to better explain (and understand the pie), I thought it might also be useful to create another graphic which charts some of the most important digital innovations of the past 20 years. See below.


Finally, there is another chart that helps tell a part of the digital innovation story which I often think doesn’t get the airtime it deserves: Data and analytics.



All of those incredible innovations continue to get better because of the  data they have access to and can use to improve user experience and predict future preferences.

Not the most earth-shattering blog post, but when I went looking for a summary of the most influential innovations of the 21st century it was really hard to find them all in the one place…problem solved!


P.S I wrote a blog post last year on a similar subject which might also be of interest: How do you define a digital agency in 2015?


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